Preparing For Kokufu Judging

Well its a new year and here at the Nursery With No Name it has started off busy…what’s new? In the last few weeks we have been preparing our entries for the Kokufu exhibition which is held in the beginning of February. This consisted of prettying up the trees, cleaning dead needles, cutting long shoots, cleaning up the lines, cleaning deadwood, removing large wire, putting on detailed wire, repotting into show pots, mossing and ect.  We have 18 trees that we submitted to the judges and I just heard this afternoon that all the trees were accepted into the show. Thats awesome! Here are some pictures of the trees. We set up the trees to be photographed at our nursery but I didn’t have my camera nor time to take any pictures during the process so these are pictures of pictures that I took after Oyakata printed them out.

Important Bonsai Masterpiece Juniper

Important Bonsai Masterpiece Ezo Spruce


Important Bonsai Masterpiece Ezo Spruce

This tree is probably the top Shishigashira Maple in Japan!

Important Bonsai Masterpiece White Pine

Japanese Flowering Quince, 'Chojubai'

Chojubai and Juniper

Trees prepared for travel

This is the truck we used to ship the trees to Tokyo. It reminds me of a Transformer the way the sides of the trailer open up...or a larger version of Back to the Future's Delorean!

Last minute check, making sure everything is blocked in and can't move. I think Oyakata sniffed the drivers breath a few times just to make sure he hadn't been drinking! Wouldn't want an accident with this load...

Hope you enjoy the pictures and some of you get to make it to the show to see all the trees in person. I hope to make it to the show and the sales area at the Green Club if Oyakata lets me off watering duty for a day or two! Maybe i’ll see you there! Thanks everyone!

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2 Responses to Preparing For Kokufu Judging

  1. bonsai eejit says:

    Amazing to see, especially the truck!! Thanks for sharing.

  2. Marty says:

    I liked seeing how the trees were tied to a simple pallet for shipping. An extremely good idea for my show trees even though they are not in the same league.

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