Oh Snow!

Last week we had the first bit of snow in Obuse. It wasn’t much, but I love the snow and totally geeked out about it. This means that winter is definitely here and its time to get the tops and sides put on the greenhouses. The next day we started to do so. Soon all will be covered and I my hands won’t freeze off every time I go to water, but I’m sure they will as soon as we start shoveling the piles and piles of snow Obuse sometimes gets. Enjoy!

A little bit of snow falling in the morning.

Bonsai on display at entrance

A little bit of snow on the roof of the Big House and Tea Room

A cascading white pine that has been beaten down by years of snow!

Like the deer in the picture above, Matt knows what this first snow means...snow season and a lot of shoveling!

I say..."Let it snow"

I will be heading back to my home to North Carolina on the 21st of December for about a week for the holidays, can’t wait to see all my family! Thank you everyone for visiting!

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7 Responses to Oh Snow!

  1. Wayne says:

    Hi Tyler,
    Great photos.
    We’ve had snow on the ground here in northern Vermont for a while now. The sooner and more early snow the better to blanket our field grown trees. Otherwise, they suffer.

    • tylersherrod says:

      Thanks Wayne! I’m sure you get some very cold temps around your area. I plan on having some field grown trees myself, but in North Carolina we dont get the snow like you do up north. Only one or two heavy ones a year.

  2. David says:

    Enjoy your holiday and tx for sharing!
    Is it also freezing over there? And how low do temperatures go?
    Do they leave all those trees outside or goes all inside?

    • tylersherrod says:

      Thank you David! We have had a few nights here where the temp gets right below freezing and frost on the ground many mornings. I believe the lows are normally around the low 20′, thats cool! We are in the process of moving all the trees into the greenhouses and they will be covered. It can be dangerous to leave such valuable trees and pots in such cold temps because they can easily get damaged from snow and/or pots can break when frozen. its a lot of moving but its worth it to spend a few afternoons lifting heavy trees.

  3. quentin says:

    hello TYLER. first of all happy new year.
    i m writing you from france, yes your blog is international.
    on your blog you dont inform your email, maybe by purpose, i understand that.
    i have some questions that i want to ask you, could you please send me an answer on mine so that i ll be able to ask you them.
    sorry for my bad english. i hope to chat with you then.

    • tylersherrod says:

      Thank you for visiting! I am happy to see that people from all over the world are visiting and taking interest in my work. Feel free to ask any questions here on the blog in the comment sections or you can send an email to wsherrod1@gmail.com I will and try and respond asap. Thanks again and a Happy New Year to you as well!

  4. Thanks Tyler,
    Please keep the photos coming.
    Kind regards,

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