Welcome To The Blog!

Welcome! Thank you for taking the time to visit my blog. I hope to share with you my experiences as a Bonsai Apprentice through these posts. I will talk about everything from specific techniques I am learning to everyday fun I have around the nursery. I hope you will enjoy!

First I would like to share a few random pictures I have taken to introduce you to the nursery.

A view to the west from atop a greenhouse

These two big boys welcomes guests to the nursery

Suiseki in the Tea Room


The Big House

I like this picture a lot. Quentin Tarantino often frames a shot in many of his movies around a doorway in a similar style. Many of the doors around the nursery offer cool views much like this one.

The Garden

This was taken on a rain day, often the best days because you don’t have to water!
Hope you enjoyed these pictures and again welcome to my blog. I will try and post as often as I can so please come back and visit again soon! Thanks for reading!
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13 Responses to Welcome To The Blog!

  1. wellhaven says:

    I would have to say you are off to a very good start. WordPress is what I recommmend to everyone

  2. Peter Tea says:

    Hi Tyler,
    I’m glad you got the blog up and running. Very nice pictures. I too agree that rainy days are the best. Perhaps just an excuse to be lazy. I just, “Blame it on the rain.”

    I added a link onto my website and will do the same for the Aichien(BonsaiAichien.com) website if you can do the same. Thanks and excited to see future post.

  3. jcb says:

    Great start and can’t wait to follow your postings.

  4. John Kirby says:

    Very nice, good to see where you are working.

  5. Jeremiah Lee says:

    It’s almost too beautiful. Love it, thanks for posting.

  6. Great looking and well composed BLOG. Looking forward to your every post! All my best.

  7. David says:

    Tx for sharing Tyler!
    Hope to see more soon!

  8. bonsai eejit says:

    Directed here from Peter’s Blog 🙂
    I look forward to your forth coming posts.
    I will give you a mention on my own blog to spread the word.
    I also opted for Word Press ‘Twenty Ten’ template.

    Ian (bonsai eejit)

  9. bonsaijapan says:

    I just stumbled across your blog via Peter Tea’s blog. I will keep an eye on your postings and add your site to my links on my own blog.

    Look forward to see more.


  10. paul says:

    i noticed on those 2 new big boys that they had flowers on them. little green tennis ball like things. how do you deal with them? i get little bald spots on some branches from them – do you cut back behind them?


    • tylersherrod says:

      Paul, I believe what you are talking about on the two big red pines are actually the young pine cones. We typically cut them off each year when we notice the old needles beginning to fall off. Producing pine cones takes energy for the trees, so by cutting them off that energy will be used produce new buds and growth elsewhere on the trees. In a way it is very healthy to cut these pine cones off! Hope this helps, thanks for visiting!

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